WordPress 3.9, named “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, is now available for download or you can update from your WordPress dashboard. This latest release  is supposed to give users a better understanding of how their content will look when published. Upgrading your WordPress installation is the best way to prevent malicious activity and exploits. As always, before any update, please do not forget to back up your database just in case anything goes pear shaped! The team has put together a short video to show off the new features:

The new features are as follows:

  • Improved visual editing: The new visual editor has improved speed, accessibility, and mobile support. You can paste into it from your word processor without wasting time to clean up messy styling.
  • Edit images easily: With quicker access to crop and rotation tools, it’s now much easier to edit your images while editing posts and scale images directly in the editor.
  • Drag and drop your images: Uploading your images is now as simple as grabbing them from your desktop and dropping them in the editor.
  • Gallery previews: Galleries display a beautiful grid of images right in the editor, just like they do in your published post.
  • Do more with audio and video: Images have galleries, and now media clips have playlists.
  • Live widget and header previews: Add, edit, and rearrange your site’s widgets right in the theme customizer: preview your changes live and only save them when you’re ready. The improved header image tool also lets you upload, crop, and manage headers while customizing your theme.
  • New theme browser: WordPress says you can now “lose yourself in the boundless supply of free WordPress.org themes.”

For those of you who do not have automatic theme updates enabled please remember to manually update to WordPress 3.9, or at lease make sure you update to WordPress 3.8.3 as it addresses a bug found in 3.8.2.